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 PTT Inc. reserves the right to refuse training to anyone.  

By registering, you are fully aware that participation in this course/seminar may require handling, carry, and use/discharge of loaded firearms by myself and other students, as well as the possible use of a variety of less lethal weapons.  Further, I realize by improper or unsafe conduct with respect to the use of these firearms or other instruments, may result in property damage, serious physical injury or death to my fellow students, instructors, third parties, or even myself.  These are some of the risk that I am aware of and assume in order to participate in this course/seminar.  PTT does not offer refunds for any courses.  If you are unable to attend a course, or if it is cancelled due to weather or any other unforseen circumstances, you will be able to transfer to any other course (or course date).  If you opt to transfer to a different course, such as Precision Rifle, Carbine, etc. the balance from the cancelled course will be apllied to the upcoming course.

Therefore, I hereby assume complete and sole responsibility for my personal actions including but not limited to any civil, tortuous, or criminal charges that may arise from my conduct during this course/seminar.  Also, if I suffer any injury of any kind during this course/seminar, including accidental, negligent, or willful action of any other student or myself, I will hold that person solely responsible for their action.  I will not hold Precision Training and Tactics Inc. or any of its affiliates, ranges, assistants, or personnel responsible or liable for any injuries or damages caused by any student or myself.  I also agree that the training I will receive will be used for only lawful means, in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.  Failure to do so may result in criminal action against me.  

I also attest under penalty of perjury that I have no felony convictions or domestic violence misdemeanor convictions, I am not the user of any illegal drugs or controlled substances, I am not a fugitive from justice, I am not an illegal alien residing in the United States, have never been ruled mentally defective, admitted to a mental hospital, or threatened to commit suicide in the last three years.  If attending handgun training, you attest you are over 21 years of age (unless pre-approved by PTT Inc.).

If I have any questions regarding this statement or do not fully understand the terms, I will contact Precision Training and Tactics via email to ask for clarification.  I understand that my safety is at stake and all questions are important.