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Our Mission - 

We are passionate about delivering an exceptional Tactical Firearms Training experience. Our goal is to help you build confidence in yourself, as well as in your firearm skills and knowledge.  We pride ourselves in the feedback we receive from our students in regards to how our training has changed their lives.  Every time you walk into one of our classes, we want to provide you with an in depth understanding of why the utilization of firearms and personal defensive tactics in your everyday life is so important in keeping you safe. 

Our Owner, Scott A. Javins is a US Navy Veteran and retired Investigator with over 17 years of Law Enforcement, SWAT, and Military Experience, including 7 years as a Task Force Officer for the FBI and 5 years as a Task Force Officer for the DEA.  Scott has served as a Professional Tactical Firearms Instructor for over 15 years, including 10 years at the National Training Center in Sioux City, IA.  During this time, Scott has provided instruction on the Precision Rifle and Low Light Precision Rifle programs, Two Man Team Tactics, as well as SWAT and Advanced SWAT courses.  Over the years, Scott has served as an instructor during various other specialized firearms training and defensive tactics courses.  This experience has provided the foundation that led to the development of the tactical courses you see before you.